Arriving tomorrow!

My Soylent should be here by tomorrow! I’ll be at work all day, but if I miss the truck I can swing by Kinkos later in the evening to pick it up (I think). I’m getting pretty jazzed to start this up. Today, I just wanted to spend a minute making sure I know what my plans are for weight tracking and back up plans.


Each day, I’ll be tracking three major avenues of progress: weight, energy, and craving.

I’ll be charting my weight loss but will probably not give overly frequent updates on it (because I’ll be trying not to dwell on it too much since it’ll be merely a side effect of this lifestyle change).

The most important factor is energy. I’ve always been a low energy person. Napping excites me more than most adventures. So I’ll report on how I “feel” as I go. This is an area where I hope to see great improvement. I’ll also be spending at least 30 minutes at the gym after work every day and sneaking over to the university swim center on my lunch breaks (hopefully at least 3 times a week). I’ll report on my energy levels before, during, and after.

By craving, what I really mean is “how hard it is to maintain a Soylent only diet.” If I feel like I’m starving myself, I will have some frozen veggies just to prevent backslides, but my hope is that the balance of nutrition and high fiber will leave me just “wanting” some of my usual bad choice foods, not feeling like I “need” something solid. To clarify, the frozen veggies are meant as a last stitch thing, an alternative if I reach the end of my rope.

Ordered! … and some resistance

Ordering was simple and quick. Nothing really to note about it, apparently all the difficulty of obtaining Soylent is a thing of the past. No wait-lists, just Soylent 1.5 on it’s way to my place after a few simple clicks. AWESOME.

There was, however, a bit of fallout from telling the people closest to me about my intentions.

I expected a little bit of resistance. After all, I won’t be joining people for lunch anymore and the “Tap-a-Keg” Tuesday tradition at the local Ale House is going to be one that I’ll start sitting out. These are some of my only social interactions, and I worry about finding healthier avenues for socialization.

I was genuinely surprised how many people called it “a desperate move” or called Soylent “a fad that won’t change anything”. Mildly discouraging, but I was able to show them the logic that led to this decision and make halfhearted justifications claiming that I was treating it as “experimental”.
All this without telling them that the real reason is to try and overcome BED, (too embarassing). I imagine that people heard me say I was starting a food alternative called Soylent and they just pictured me doing a long term juice cleanse or something. But that’s not what this is. I like the idea of losing some weight, but more than anything I just want to stop the intense damage I’ve been doing to my body over the last several years. I feel like I’m 25 going on 60 most of the time.

Worst case scenario (the way I see it) is that my body doesn’t get the things it needs (which it hasn’t been anyway because of my maltreatment) and I’ve spent LESS money and made no real improvement. Not so bad.

I have to say though; I feel like Soylent is a pillar of change that I can really build around. The omnipresence of food as a factor in my life just makes any decision to improve feel impossible… But the concept of eliminating food as a neccessity is just too appealing not to try. The end goal is not to be on a Soylent only diet forever, but to use it as a tool to eliminate my horrible relationship with food and eating, and maybe incrementally attempt to forge a new relationship with it.